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Re: Multi-desktop CDs for lenny

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> A new idea that Steve suggested was to make the i386 and amd64 DVDs, and 
> if possible also the i386/amd64 multi-arch DVD (with or without powerpc 
> depending on space), support *all four* desktops. This would be 
> implemented a bit differently, namely by leaving the top level menu as it 
> is but adding a "Desktop selection" option in the Advanced options menu.

Hello folks,

I won't be able to test those images until Wed due the University
tests but the general conecept looks impressive.

I'd like to thanks to Frans and Steve to work on that and would like
to ask for people to really give a try and provide feedback for those
images that Frans has produced so we can fix any remaning issue ASAP
and start a timeline for RC2.

Thanks a lot for all :-)


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