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Re: Creating tasks dynamically -- committed to SVN

On Thursday 16 October 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> I've been working on a patch that dynamically creates some of the
> debian-cd task files instead of having them in SVN:
> - debian-installer
> - debian-installer+kernel
> - task-essential*
> - task-full*
> The "static" task files and the task file based on popcon data have
> been moved to per-release subdirectories.

These changes have just been committed to SVN and will soon also be 
uploaded to unstable, targeted for Lenny.

Users of debian-cd should be aware that their configurations and custom 
scripts will almost certainly need some adjustments.

See the debian/changelog and the new example CONF.sh file for details. The 
documentation has been updated to some extend.

I'd also like to remind users of debian-cd of the recently added script 
easy-build.sh, which has of course been updated.
Users of my old 'mybuild.sh' script (that was available on alioth) should 
consider switching to easy-build.sh.


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