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Update needed on webpage

Dear Debian-cd team,

I believe you are not the responsibles for this, but I think you're interested in this subject.

The link below advertises that the most recent release available of Debian is 4.0rev4.

I don't know to whom I should report, so I guess maybe you do.



Debian is available for different computer architectures - make sure you are getting images that match your computer! (Most people will need images for "i386", i.e. Intel systems.) Once you have created your own CDs, you might be interested in the artwork for covers of Debian CDs.

Latest official release of the "stable" CD images: 4.0 rev4.
(Snapshots of the "testing" distribution are created weekly.)

Information about known installation issues can be found on the installation information page.
For older releases some issues specific to installation from CD images were published on a separate CD release page.


Marcelo Andrade

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