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Debian 4.0 r5 update DVDs pool structure misgenerated?


There are a number of packages on the Debian 4.0 r5 _update_ DVDs that
seem to have been mistakenly placed into a directory of their own in
the pool/ hierarchy. These packages are readily identified by:

find /path/to/loopmount -type d -name '*.deb'

This is on the update DVDs for both the i386 and amd64 architectures.
However, none of these directories exist in the online mirrors or on
the Debian 4.0 r5 DVDs.

Nonetheless, I was able to use the image to jigdo perfectly, and my
guess is the update DVD should work fine as a source in APT (though
I've not tested this) since the Packages files contain the right path.

Sreepathi Pai

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