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Re: [Tested] DVD downloads as Torrent or ISO direct

Michelle Konzack (linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net) wrote on 2 September 2008 14:54:
 >I have tried to download the Etch DVD ISO binary 1 image and the  second
 >time with torrent...
 >With the ISO download I get nearly 2 MByte/Second and the  download  was
 >done in arround 39:42 Minutes.
 >Then I have rebooted my Server and downloaded using  Torrent...  It  was
 >realy frustrating.  It took me over 3 hours.


 >I have a NEW (and crappy :-/ since osCommerce is broken) onlinestore at
 >    <http://onlinestore.tamay-dogan.net/>
 >and I am ongoing to sell ALL  Debian  CDs  and  DVDs  which  lead  in  a
 >download of more then 350 GByte (!!!) per pointrelease.

You're welcome to get them all from ftp.br.debian.org at any time :-)

Debian has a widespread mirror network that should be able to serve
all users needs when properly managed and used. The main user
contribution is well explained in the first two paragraphs of

There are two other thing users can do. The first is to not use
cdimage.debian.org, because it tends to be heavily overloaded. Usually
the national country mirrors (ftp.<country>.debian.org) listed in the
url above are able to provide good bandwidth and a more complete set
of images.

The second is to first download only the images you're going to use
immediately, particularly right after a release, and get the others
later, if necessary. Usually it's much faster *for the user* to get
one of images, do the installation and get the extra packages from
the net than to wait for the download of the many images before
installing. Getting all the images a few weeks after the release is no

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