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Smart Boot Manager binary in debian-cd

Hi Raphael,

I'm in the middle of fixing up #497270 (embedded binaries in
debian-cd), and I'm almost done. My one remaining problem is that I
don't know how to generate the sbm.bin file that we have. It's *not*
simply a copy of the sbm.img that lives in the sbm package, so I'm not
sure what's needed.

svn log says you were the first person to add the sbm.bin.gz file into
cvs (data/sarge/sbm.bin.gz):

r400 | hertzog | 2002-10-10 13:56:48 +0100 (Thu, 10 Oct 2002) | 2 lines
* Added support for sarge and debian-installer.

Can you enlighten me please?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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 whether they're being malicious or incompetent. Capital letters are forecast."
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