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Re: Debian Installer Beta2 on outdated Testing snapshots

On Sunday 14 September 2008, Jens Seidel wrote:
> I suggest no longer to recommend these images. The problem is that the
> CD/DVDs are outdated, the last update happened 07-Jun-2008. Since Lenny
> is currently frozen is makes much more sense to profit from the recent
> bug fixes in it and to use the weekly snapshots.
> So please consider:
>  * Removing a link to full CD/DVD sets of Beta 2
>  * Using Beta 2 of the installer for weekly builds
>  * Also generate full CD/DVD images containing Beta 2 weekly.

That is _exactly what the weekly images are. I personally see no point in 
removing links to Beta2 as the pages describes accurately what is what.

We are working on a RC1 release and Beta2 will be replaced at that point.

Please leave the management and updating of that page to the D-I team. It 
is our project page after all.


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