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Bug#497471: sarge images have syslinux binaries without source

Package: cdimage.debian.org
Severity: serious


debian-cd does embededd a copy of the syslinux binary (see #497270).

because the embedded copy wasn't synced with the archive at the time
when sarge was released, sarge images are shipping a binary without
having a source (in the dedicated source images).

sarge is using syslinux 2.04, a version which is not even available
anymore on ftp.debian.org.

syslinux is licensed under GPL-2+, which means you either need to ship
both binaries and sources at the same time, or with the note on how to
get the source etc. pp.

please uploade the debian sources of syslinux 2.04-1 (e.g. from morgue
on merkel).


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