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Re: Choosing a configuration format for debimg

In the interests of casting as wide a net as possible in your requirements gathering you might also post to the ubuntu-devel mailing list.


Ubuntu uses debian-cd in conjunction with some other tools to create their images.  They might have some useful ideas.

Josh Cronemeyer

Julian Andres Klode <jak@jak-linux.org>

08/10/08 03:00 PM

Choosing a configuration format for debimg

Dear debian-cd developers,

I want to discuss with you about the future configuration format of

Why I ask you? Because I hope that debimg can replace debian-cd one day,
and want to know what you think about the format.

As you may know, debimg is not solely targeted at creating debian images
for (in the future maybe) official releases, but also for normal users
wanting to create customized installation discs.

In my opinion, the current configuration formats do not fit. Therefore,
I suggest to create a configuration format based on XML. This format has
the disadvantage that it is not really easy to edit in a text editor.
But it also has many advantages compared to the current format in
debimg. First of all, the whole configuration could be put in one file,
enabling users to share their configurations very easily. Secondly, XML
supports an unlimited number of subsections.

Please note that debimg configuration files are much smaller than a
combination of all required data/ and tasks/ files, because less
information is duplicated and packages can also be included by priority
and task, not only by their names. (although popcon files should usually
be in a seperate file).

You should also know that debimg will get various frontends to edit
these files, like graphical user interface and maybe text user

What is your opinion? Is XML a good choice? What do you expect from the
configuration format / Which features do you need?

Please CC me on replies.

Julian Andres Klode

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