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Re: figuring out do_custom_download.pl


First of all, thanks very much for your reply and the update to the wiki.  It sounds like I need to do more research into the ubuntu process.  I was thinking that since their "alternate" installer CD uses d-i that they would create disks the debian way.  Speaking of the debian way, It looks to me like the debian-cd process can indeed create an ISO.  If you look at the tools directory in debian-cd there is a make_image script that appears to call mkisofs.

I am still thrashing out trying to get debian-cd to work, and am making slow progress.  Of course if I get stuck I'll have more questions. ;)

Josh Cronemeyer

Daniel Dickinson <cshore@fionavar.ca>

05/29/08 08:35 PM

Josh Cronemeyer <jcroneme@thoughtworks.com>
Re: figuring out  do_custom_download.pl

Here's what I'm adding to the wiki, you may find it helpful.

'''NOTE''' Using a full mirror, or a mostly full mirror is best
practice.  You should only use a partial mirror if you absolutely must
(e.g. due to disk constraints) and realize that it is unsupported.

=== Create a mirror of the Debian archive for Apt ===
==== Option 1: Using debmirror ====

Frans Pop has created a wrapper script for this which is
[http://alioth.debian.org/~fjp/debmirror/ available from alioth].  A
README explains how to use it.  This is the preferred approach.

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