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[RFC] Debian Installer Lenny Beta2 - Pending stuff and timeline

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I know we're a bit late about Beta2 and that it was suppose to have
been released just after Beta1.

Unfortunately, my daily work prevented me from giving the needed time
and love that is required for the installer release. I finally
finished a bunch of things that were waiting for me and can now work
again on that.

After thinking a lot and talking to many people, I think we ought to
go with 2.6.24 kernel for the release. Basically that decision has
been done with following data in mind:

 - current 2.6.25 status
   . currently too young to know about stability
   . still not ready for d-i usage (lacks l-m-e)
   . still not sid default
 - Etch and Half kernel
   . 2.6.24
   . would be nicer to use same for installer
 - Time required to release with 2.6.25
   . probably 5 to 6 weeks from now
 - Time required to release with 2.6.24
   . 3 weeks from now

Let's now summarise what is need to be done for us to get there:

Pending stuff
- -------------

 . New syslinux menu

   I've talked to Joey and it'll be done at beggining of the
   week. Debian-CD change has already be pushed and d-i related
   changes will follow it. That'll require testing and we'll be able
   to use dailies for that.

 . Update 2.6.24 with missing stable updates

   It would be interesting to have 2.6.24 stable changes in installer
   and Etch+0.5 kernels and it would need to be done _now_. This
   obviously requires approval from Stable Release Management Team and
   Release Management Team since we'd need to use
   testing-proposed-updates to get the updated kernel in Lenny.

 . Cairo frontend issues

   We've identified the problematic change inside of cairo code and
   we're still waiting for the commiter to check it. If it takes too
   long, we'll just revert all changes from directfb cairo module to
   get it back to a know good state and keep going.

Wanted stuff
- ------------

 . partman-crypto problems with random keys (#478598) and it would be
   nice to have it solved in time for Beta2 however it's not a
   blocking issue.

 . parted update is likely to happen before Lenny is release however
   we're still working at s390 fixing to get it done.

 . xorg update (in Lenny) is possible to happen during the release and
   we could re-add the reverted tasksel change that removes discover
   and like. We'd need to test it carefully to avoid problems for

- --------

The proposed timeline follows.

 Date                 What happens
 ----                 ------------
 May 7, 2008          mass upload of translation updates
 May 11, 2008	      mass migration of udebs
 May 13, 2008	      debian-installer is uploaded
 May 17, 2008	      daily images are changed to use lenny installer
 May 19, 2008	      test of images starts
 May 25, 2008	      final image builds
 May 27, 2008	      planned release date


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