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Re: Possible glitch in weekly dvd builds of the mipsel archive.

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 10:44:28AM +0200, Sivan Greenberg wrote:
>Hi all,
> I would like to raise the attention to a possible glitch in one of the
>index files available on the weekly built mipsel DVDs. I wonder if the
>issue I encountered was due to a bad burn or a malefunctioned dvd media
>or an error in the dvd build itself. Has anyone else tried to use dvd #1
>and bumped into a missing "Package: .." stanza in the xmanpages-ja's
>section in the index file? If so, it would  be nice if it'd be fixed for
>good of other users.

There was a bug I introduced in the debian-cd code recently. During
CD/DVD creation, we attempt to fill the temporary tree up until the
point where it's *just* too large, then roll back and remove the last
package added. I had just been working on that part of the code and
broken the function that removed the last Packages file entry: instead
of deleting the whole entry, it would now just delete the

  "Package: foo" 

line at the start of it. I've just committed a fix into debian-cd svn
that solves the problem. Thanks for your report!

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