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Bug#475243: 100% successful install on Fujitsu 2110 lifebook

On Wednesday 09 April 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> Did find one buglet -- acpi was not installed. Though acpid and
> acpi-support-base both were, and /proc/acpi is there. Note that I
> de-selected the laptop task, which also installs it. But hw-detect
> should have caused it to be installed anyway.
> But, I have a pretty good theory: acpi is not on the netinst CD. The
> other two packages are.

IIRC you once said that maybe we should not install acpi at all as it's not 
really needed (only acpid is). On that basis I've always thought that is 
was OK to install it if available and not if, eh, not.

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