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Re: debimg 0.0.2 released - netinst in 4 seconds

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 20 March 2008, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
>> The second release of debimg is available now: 0.0.2
> Could you write up a "quick start guide for lazy assholes" who already have 
> a mirror and already use debian-cd but would like to try debimg?
Building a netinst for i386:
	sed -i s/^MIRROR\ *=.*/MIRROR=your_mirror/g debimg.cfg
	./debimg debimg.cfg

Building a netinst for amd64:
	sed -i s/^MIRROR\ *=.*/MIRROR=your_mirror/g debimg.cfg
	sed -i s/^ARCHITECTURE\ *=.*/ARCHITECTURE=amd64/g debimg.cfg
	./debimg debimg.cfg

Set your mirror to something supported by apt, e.g. http:// file:/ copy:/
https:/ ftp:/ ...

Please note that file:/ and copy:/ are handled directly by debimg, the files are

In future, debimg will copy files from copy:/ mirrors and hardlink [or symlink]
files from file:/ mirrors.

> What configuration is needed?
To build a netinst image for i386, no configuration is needed. (Though you
should set the MIRROR option to your local mirror).

If you want to build a new kind of disk, you need to add it to (the end of)
# This list is used to build a disk with gnome
Package-List: gnome
Inherits: netinst
Tasks: desktop, gnome-desktop

# This list is used to build a disk with KDE
Package-List: kde
Inherits: netinst
Tasks: desktop, kde-desktop

# This list is used to build a disk with XFCE
Package-List: xfce
Inherits: netinst
Tasks: desktop, xfce-desktop

Now, replace all occurrences of netinst in debimg.cfg with your selected
package-list (eg sed -i s/netinst/gnome/g debimg.cfg) and build it (./debimg

> Is it already possible to use e.g. custom D-I images or local debs or udebs?
You can use any kind of mirror supported by apt. debimg uses apt methods to
fetch files. (One exception are local repositories [file: copy:], which have to
be on the same filesystem/partition because they are hardlinked [will support
symlinks and copy in 0.0.3)

There is a configuration option called "APT_LINE", to which you can add multiple
lines. These will be written into a sources.list file, which will be used by
debimg. [In case you want additional mirrors]

Custom D-I images are not really supported, because debimg hardcodes the path to
the current images for DI_CODENAME (relative to the mirror).

> Some status overview would be nice too, like: is including the installation 
> guide or release notes supported?
The good:
debimg is fast
debimg supports JTE with genisoimage
debimg supports all kind of apt repositories for packages
The bad:
debimg's configuration keys will be renamed soon
debimg's commandline options are bad
debimg adds only packages and the installer to the disk
debimg supports only i386 and amd64 architectures
debimg supports only single-arch disks
debimg supports only single disks (no sets)

The ...:
debimg uses new format for data/, with one file per release, parsed by

> Cheers,
> Disclamer: lazy asshole that I am when I already have something that works, 
> I've not yet looked at debimg at all.

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