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Re: debian-testing-i386-kde-CD-1.iso

Michael wrote:
I burned this image and tried to install it.
It booted, asked for language, country, keyboard, and then scanned the cd. It returned with a screen that started with "No kernel modules are installed on this cd.." I tried to boot the cd twice, even using the DEBUG feature, but it would go no further than the above listed screen.
I checked the md5sum and all is well.
The label and date for the cd is:

debian-testing-i386-kde-CD-1.iso  24-Dec-2007 11:36  642M

I am trying to install onto my laptop: Acer Aspire 3000.

I checked the website and maillist first but didn't see anything about this.
I know, I'm replying to myself, but just to let anybody reading this,
I kept the iso on disk, and downloaded the netinst iso to see if it would boot.

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