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Bug#451237: debian-cd: list2cds add_package() needs some love

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.0.3

The log for list2cds currently has for _all_ packages:
  Adding <package> to CD 1 ...
I.e. the CD counter never increases. This makes the log somewhat confusing.

Also, the image size increases to infinity:
  $cd_size = 17049601950, $size = 76764

The fact that the CD counter is never increased may also have a more serious 
side effect because packages excluded for CD1 may now never be included 
again as the following code is not hit any more:
        # Creation of a new CD when needed
        if ($cd_size + $size > $limit) {

                # Unexclude packages
                unexclude ($cd);

But maybe there's a different mechanism for that now?

Anyway, some cleanup seems indicated.

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