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Debian CD in spain


I am looking for a complete Debian CD Set. The shop in Spain is
http://www.comprarlinux.com/ (to buy linux (in spanish)) and the Debian CD
Set is 63.00 euros!!! (CD o DVD sets). In other shops, for example, in
"GetLinux" the CD set is 15 euros, dvd-iso.de is 7 euros (the set).

Looking more information about http://www.comprarlinux.com/ is a shop
from http://www.nuteca.com/, products and services with free software,
domain services, etc.

I hope Debian gets a contribution, else nuteca is getting to much money
with Debian.

||// //\\// Rodolfo "kix" Garcia
||\\// //\\ http://www.kix.es/

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