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Bug#443897: cdrom: Freshly installed system with hardware RAID doesn't boot

reassign 443897 grub
retitle 443897 update-grub fails to reconize /dev/i2o/* root

Daniel Koc <kocio@linuxnews.pl> writes:

> Manual editing grub entry has helped to mount the root partition, but 
> the system was unable to mount all the other partitions, because all 
> fstab entries created by the installer were also following the 
> "/dev/sda" schema. Renaming them to the "/dev/i2o/hda" schema fixed this 
> problem and my system started to work as expected.

I've assigned it to grub since I believe it's update-grub fault but
I'm unsure about it too. When you believe it's a installer fault but
do not knows who has caused it, you can use installation-report to
report it back to us and we'd handle it after we got it.

Robert, do you think it's really a grub issue?

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