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Hi Chaps,

Not sure if you ever got our new mirror submission via the form at
http://www.debian.org/mirror/submit - as we have not appeared on the mirrors

We have now added the DVD ISO images to our mirror.

Full details:

Site: debian-iso.mirror.anlx.net

CD/DVD images, over HTTP: /  
CD/DVD images, over FTP: /

Supports IPv6: Not yet - work in progress

Mirror is updated from: rsync.mirrorservice.org AND cdimage.debian.org (for
architectures not available on rsync.mirrorservice.org)

Mirrored architectures: amd64 arm i386 ia64 powerpc sparc

Maintainer: ANLX Engineering <mirror@anlx.net>

Country: GB Great Britain

Location: Telehouse East, London, UK

Sponsor: Associated Networks (UK) Ltd <http://www.anlx.com>

Comments: Partial mirror offering CD/DVD ISO images - we will expand the
arch list as more storage space becomes available. Updated mainly from
rsync.mirrorservice.org but with some images pulled directly from
cdimage.debian.org. Connectivity and hosting provided by Associated Networks
(UK) Ltd, currently connected at 100Mbps but this can be easily increased
based on demand. Storage systems are provided by WD IT Solutions Ltd

We are also interested in setting this up as a push mirror if possible.

Please let me know if there are any problems with this or changes we need to
make for you to add it to the mirrors list!

Best regards,


Ben Bailey

Associated Networks (UK) Ltd

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