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Bug#436650: debian-cd has unmet recommends on some archs

Julian Andres Klode <jak@jak-linux.org> writes:

> Am Mittwoch, den 08.08.2007, 18:10 +0100 schrieb =?UTF-8?Q?
> Mart=C3=ADn?= Ferrari:
>> On 8/8/07, Julian Andres Klode <jak@jak-linux.org> wrote:
>> > The package is "Architecture: All" and this does not work with
>> > arch-indep packages, because these expressions are used at build-time.
>> > If the package is built on powerpc, it won't contain the syslinux
>> > recommends.
>> > If the package is built on i386, it will contain the syslinux
>> > recommends.
>> > I tried this with one of my packages.
>> Isn't that what was intended in the first place?
> Because the package is arch-indep, one package is for 
> all architectures. 
> If you build the package on i386, you will have
> a package recommending syslinux, but this will
> also be installed to all other architectures (Architecture: all)

My understanding is if it has architecture specific recommends or
dependencies, it's not really architecture independent. The code
itself can be but the package is not and would be better to have it as

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