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Debian 4 ISO CDs

Dear Debian,

I am new to Debian and have little knowledge of Linux.

I want to start downloading the Debian 4 ISO CDs to run it on an i368 processor for the first time.

I realized there are 21 image disks available.

As I want to start building a FTP and mail server, which images should I download? Or how many of the first CDs should be enough?

I already have a netinst.iso, but I want to have a copy of the operating system source file for future reinstallation.

If I want to go for KDE rather than Gnome, how should I use the kde-cd-1.iso?

Thank you for your assistant.



Mehdi Farhoudi


Institute for Superconductors and Electronic Materials

University of Wollongong

Wollongong NSW 2522



Tel. +61 2 4221 3017

Fax +61 2 4221 5731


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