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additional jigdos


First of all I want to say thanks to all who contribute to Debian, in my opinion the greatest distro on earth.

The last few days I tried to get a new "testing" dvd set via jigdo and was surprised, that they are dated 28 May. Well, they are now almost a month old. While I assume that this might be because of the major updates of the basic things in Debian (like gcc and so) that will surely break a lot of packages, one thing came to my mind:

Assuming that all jigdo files are generated automaticly, would it be possible to generate additional jigdos for "unstable" every week? I would also like one for the "non-free" section, so I can make a seperate CD/DVD for this.

Of course, I know that the "unstable"-images wont work properly most of the time and these have to be offered with apropriate warnings. And "non-free" needs legal warnings too.

Here comes the reason for my wish:
I have several Debian boxes, but only one is connected to the internet. No way the other boxes will ever see internet, several kilometers between them. So I need DVDs to get updates to my other PCs. And I have no way to get "non-free" packages to them. And I really want these new packages, like openoffice2.2.1, ardour 2, k3b 1 and others, without downloading dozens of dependencies manually, or waiting for months until they will somewhen build on sparc or arm so they can migrate to testing.

I know that there are some people who offer self-brewed images with parts of "non-free" and other things, but I dont want to install anything that doesnt come from debian mirrors.

As far as I understand the whole process, it would "only" need a single set up so these jigdos are generated automaticly every week. And a few lines on the Debian Website. They would not waste much server-space, but I think many people will find this handy.

So, is there any chance I can get these additional jigdo files?


Jürgen Kertz

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