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Re: [PATCH 0/6] d-i-g patches.


FYI my git repository based on d-i-g's svn trunk is at:

The d-i-g's git repository contains the 6 patches I've posted here and
one additional fixing the Task configuration option.

I'm working on real multiple architecture support because actually
d-i-g just support i386 properly. The plan is add per arch sections
into libdig/dig.spec file containing stuff like 'boot_images'. I've
managed to build powerpc images yesterday too, but the implementation
was too hackish to submit. The next step will be add debpartial-mirror
support; in other words based on the task(s) needed to be built, d-i-g
will call dp-m to retrieve the missing packages (if any) preparing its
own mirror.

For those in debcamp/debconf that know how to code in python and are
interested please join me on this project. Knowledge about debian-cd,
d-i or simple-cdd is a plus.

Where's Carlos? :-)

-- stratus

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