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Link changed - update request


we changed our web shop with Linux distributions (and other open source sw) and that's reason for update information about "URL for Debian Page" on this link on your website http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#cz .

Please change this old link
http://www.linux-cd.cz/content/index.php?target=productinfo&titul=95 <http://www.linux-cd.cz/content/index.php?target=productinfo&titul=95>

to new

http://www.linux-dvd.cz/debian <http://www.linux-cd.cz/content/index.php?target=productinfo&titul=95>
http://www.linux-cd.cz/debian <http://www.linux-cd.cz/content/index.php?target=productinfo&titul=95>

New link is better solution for future changes.
Thank you.

Best regards

Radek Soucek

http://www.Linux-DVD.cz     http://www.Linux-CD.cz
web shop with GNU/Linux distributions

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