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D-I issue, or, wheres a better place for D-I issues?

I just had a rude experience with debian installer. We're starting to use intel blade chassis' for some of our operations here, and D-I has a learned a really ugly habit from Knoppix, that is ejecting the CD when it thinks it's done with it. This causes the issue that if I'm not onsite, or am unable to get physically to the chassis, I can't automate or do several installs without resorting to network boots.

What I'd like is, at the least, a ISOLINUX/Command Line Option to turn that behavior off. Not sure if one already exists. Ideally, I'd like to see the silly behavior removed. It's not very helpful, indeed, Knoppix broke a DVD drive (stripped out the gears when it ejected into the case cover) of mine once because of this silly, unnecessary, "feature."

Michael Loftis
Modwest Operations Manager
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