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Re: Problems regarding a CD vendor

Hello Richard,

I understand your relutance, and agree with it. Allan wasn't helping
me much, he said something like "it's your problem". I emailed him a
really angry message and then he decided to be reasonable. :)

I already contacted the mail company, and that's the problem. Their
answer was confusing and didn't say anything objective about my
problem, so I also sent them an angry message today. I complained
about Allan because, according to my experiences, I have much more
reasons to trust the mail company than him. I can't see who would be
interested in stealing 14 Debian cds, as almost nobody here knows what
Debian is at all... And also, Allan charged $50 + mail tax, and the
cost of the cds here in brazil is $14. Nice profit, I think...

Well, if I get any important news I tell you. Thanks for the attention.


2007/3/3, Richard Atterer <richard@2007.atterer.net>:
Hello Cyrano,

I've taken note of your complaint. How come the mail company doesn't know
anything about the tracking ID - does it maybe expire after a few days?
Have you already tried filing a report with them to have them look more
thoroughly for the lost package?

What is Allan's reaction to this? I've CCed him with this mail.

We usually remove shops from the list if problems continue to be reported
by customers. However, I'm reluctant to do so based on a single complaint



On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 03:14:28PM -0200, Cyrano . wrote:
> Hi there, people. I'm Cyrano, Felipe helped me translating a message I
> sent about problems with a cd vendor here in Brazil. The whole story
> is in the original message, copied below. I said that, if I didn't get
> any positive answers from the vendor this week, I would send to the
> lists a confirmation of the problems I was affraid that would happen
> for real.
> Well, they did. I payed for 14 cds of the whole Debian stable 3.1
> repository, and the guy (Allan Taborda dos Santos, first in the
> brazilian vendors list) sent me later a digitalized image of the
> recipe, proving that he posted the cds on feb 12. I complained with
> the mail service, then, and the company answered me that the object
> wasn't received in their distribution unit. This means that, somehow,
> the product doesn't exist for the mail service. And I never had
> problems with them before, so I trust the mail company more than I
> trust Allan Taborda.
> So I'm here to confirm that Allan is not trustable, and that you
> should point this fact, somehow, in the vendor's list. I don't know if
> it would be better to just erase him from the vendor's list, or insert
> an observation telling that a user had, recently, problems with this
> vendor. I leave the decision for you.
> Here I go again, trying someone else to sell me the cds. :/
> thanks for your attention and help. Debian rules. :)
> Cyrano
>       Cyrano is complaining that he bought 14 CDs of Debian 3.1
> (stable) from Allan Taborda (a listed CD vendor) on the week of
> February 12th, 2007. Cyrano explains that he had paid in advance
> and Allan sent a tracking code that doesn't work. Cyrano also
> pointed that he contacted Allan and got a reply telling that
> everybody always got the CDs and that Allan would not take
> responsability of any mistakes.
>       Considering that, Cyrano thinks that Allan didn't sent
> anything to him and is waiting the CDs this week. If he didn't
> got it he will contact debian-cd once again to confirm the problem
> and to request the removal of Allan from our CD vendor list. Cyrano
> also commented that he thinks the best would be replace Allan's
> name with a note recommending to not buy from him.
>       I already pointed to Cyrano that both debian-cd and
> debian-www are english maillist and if he need any help he
> can contact debian-l10n-portuguese.
>       Kind regards,
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