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Updating contact info for debian mirror at USC

Debian admins,

I'm the contact for the Debian mirror at USC. I'd like to change the contact
email from phil@ipom.com to mirror-admin@linux.usc.edu.

USC mirrors both debian and debian-cd. Please update contact information as
well as the subscription to the debian-mirrors mailing list.

Phil Dibowitz                             phil@ipom.com
Open Source software and tech docs        Insanity Palace of Metallica
http://www.phildev.net/                   http://www.ipom.com/

"Never write it in C if you can do it in 'awk';
 Never do it in 'awk' if 'sed' can handle it; Never use 'sed' when 'tr'
 can do the job; Never invoke 'tr' when 'cat' is sufficient; Avoid
 using 'cat' whenever possible" -- Taylor's Laws of Programming

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