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Re: Bug#402267: PowerPC Netinst CD "Invalid Release File"

On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 11:16:32PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>reassign 402267 debian-cd
>severity 402267 critical
>On Saturday 09 December 2006 21:16, Rick Thomas wrote:
>> Here it is...
>Thanks. With some additional info from IRC, it looks like the problem is 
>that debootstrap in d-i needs MD5SUMs for all files and the Release file 
>you attached only contains SHA256 checksums.
>Reassigning to debian-cd.

Bug fixed. Apologies, it was caused by the major debian-cd merge at
the end of last week - I missed a couple of details in the noise. Fix
checked in to debian-cd svn, and new dailies are building right now
with the fix applied.

>> Hmmm....  Bug#401586  seems to indicate that this may not be limited
>> to the powerpc port.  Bug#401586 is for x86.
>Not sure what you see in that report that makes you say that. I only see 
>unrelated issues.

#402219 (mentioned there) *is* this problem again, so I'm closing that
too with this mail. #401586 looks different altogether, though...

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