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Re: daily builds with 2.6.18-3 fail to boot on SATA cdrom

Hi again,

|--==> Douglas Tutty writes:

  DT> My bios (on my Asus M2N-SLI) allows me to pop up a boot menu (at the
  DT> main bios screen where you can hit Del to enter setup or Esc to skip the
  DT> memory test).  It gives a list of all currently inststalled bootable
  DT> hardware (e.g. hard disks, CD roms, USB sticks).

  DT> Other than this, from within the bios there is usally a list of devices
  DT> to try booting from.  If the CDROM is not on this list, the light may
  DT> still come on when it gets power, but it will not boot from it.

I've  just  a  collegue  to check,   it was  indeed    a BIOS  setting
problem.   As far as I  understood  the SATA  option  was set to RAID,
changing it IDE made the work.



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