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Re: Syslinux "new/graphical menues"

Alle 14:07, mercoledì 18 ottobre 2006, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:

> You can have a look at the screenshots here:
>   * Graphical (looks like grub and supports a splash-image)

From an usability point of view this could be simple great, the above menu 
could, e.g. ease the start of the rescue mode, or start the expert 

>   * Extended (looks like a DOS-program, has many configurable
>     and selectable options regarding to boot parameters)

Also better, cumbersome parameters could be selected easely.

I have two question:

- Which mode should be used by default?
 The Graphical one seems more eyecandy to me because of splash screen, but the 
Extended mode could be more useful (but maybe too complex for using it in 

- Should a "syslinux-debian-splash" package builded for that case, or an 
official debian splash included in main syslinux package? (I prefer the 


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