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Return of some patches done by O.S. Systems


I would like to propose the following patch for merging. We're using
this one here at O.S. Systems and we think it might be useful to
others (e.g. simple-cdd).

This one is very simple one. Basically it adds the possibility to
overwrite the debootstrap script used to check the base-packages and
use a different name to final iso file.

Does anyone have problem with it or should I commit it?

=== tools/add_debs
--- tools/add_debs      (/trunk)        (revision 49)
+++ tools/add_debs      (/local)        (revision 49)
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
-    for p in `debootstrap --arch $ARCH --print-debs $CODENAME $TDIR/debootstrap.tmp file:$MIRROR`
+    for p in `debootstrap --arch $ARCH --print-debs $CODENAME $TDIR/debootstrap.tmp file:$MIRROR $DEBOOTSTRAP_SCRIPT`
                if ! grep -q ^$p$ $BDIR/$DISK.packages ; then
                        if [ -n "$BASE_EXCLUDE" ] && grep -q ^$p$ $BASE_EXCLUDE ; then
=== tools/make_image
--- tools/make_image    (/trunk)        (revision 49)
+++ tools/make_image    (/local)        (revision 49)
@@ -41,9 +41,9 @@
        DISKINFO=`cat $DIR/$n.diskinfo`
        if [ $ARCH = "source" ] ; then
-               OUTFILE="debian-$relname-$ARCH-$n"
+               OUTFILE="${CDNAME:-debian}-$relname-$ARCH-$n"
-               OUTFILE="debian-$relname-$ARCH-binary-$n"
+               OUTFILE="${CDNAME:-debian}-$relname-$ARCH-binary-$n"
        # Clean up any old files

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