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Re: Debian Installer etch beta 3 released

Frans Pop writes:
>On Monday 14 August 2006 14:43, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> The DVD torrents are already produced, just not linked from the page
>> at http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/. Check out
>I've committed a change to the d-i page that adds all missing links (there
>were a few others that were omitted). I've changed the presentation a bit
>to keep things as compact as possible.
>Result should be visible in a few hours on:
>Steve noted on IRC that it may not be worth including links to DVD
>torrents for weekly images. Let me know if these should be removed.
>Does the same go for weekly CD images?

I'm not sure myself; the issue with the DVD images is sheer size -
preparing the torrent files takes quite a while, and then there's only
a week until the next set are built and put into place. There's quite
a good chance that people will get failed downloads unless they have a
good download speed.

Unfortunately, we're a little too short of disk space at the moment to
be able to keep more than one set of weekly CD/DVD builds around -
that's something that would be potentially quite valuable.

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