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Re: D-I Beta 3 - release planning

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Another week gone by, another update.

Unfortunately I made a mistake interpreting a message from Joey and 
thought we'd have to wait for builds and migration of a new directfb with 
some reverse dependencies. Only today I realized this is not the case.
Ah, well, d-i's build system remains a complex beast.

Anyway, the last week has still been spent fairly productively. Some more 
quite annoying bugs relevant for the release were found and some 
additional tuning of debian-cd was needed so that the desktop task and 
other tasks would be installable again from full CD images.

Today the last two udebs needed to do the final upload of the installer 
should migrate to testing, so the upload will happen soon after the next 
mirror sync.

After that there are still two packages that I'd like to see on the CDs 
and thus need to migrate before building the CD images for Beta 3:
- partman-crypto (9): fixes problems when zeroing a partition
- jfsutils (1.1.11-1): currently missing on AMD64 and fixes an RC bug

Both are currently missing one or two architectures which have been built 
but are not yet installed, so hopefully these will be uploaded today.

So we end up with the following revised planning:
6    Aug  Request urgent hints for remaining packages (after dinstall)
7    Aug  Final upload of d-i images
7/8  Aug  Final tests as images become available
7-9  Aug  Preparation of release notes, errata, website, etc
9    Aug  Migration of d-i to testing
9    Aug  CD builds
10   Aug  Release

Testing is still welcome, especially for alpha, arm, m68k, mips, mipsel 
and powerpc.

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