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Re: Missing tasks on CD 1 (was: Possible exclusions for Beta 3)

On Tuesday 01 August 2006 03:33, Joey Hess wrote:
> FYI, the only thing missing that I'd expect to be there is the web
> server. This CD has never had space for most of the tasks.

Hmm. I remembered from Beta 2 that all tasks were shown, and they are. 
However, they are also all not fully installed if you take only the CD as 

Here's an overview:
- installed: bind9, dnsutils
- missing  : bind9-doc, dlint, lwresd
File server
- installed: nfs-kernel-server, samba
- missing  : netatalk, samba-doc, smbclient, swat, winbind
Mail server
- installed: exim4, exim4-config, esim4-daemon-light, mailx, mutt,
- missing  : mailagent, qpopper, sa-exim, spamassassin, uw-imapd
Print server
- installed: cupsys, cupsys-client
- missing  : cupsys-bsd, cupsys-driver-gutenprint, foomatic-*,
             gimp-print, printconf
SQL database
- installed: postgresql, postgresql-client
- missing  : pgaccess, postgresql-contrib, postgresql-doc
Web server
- installed: apache2-mpm-prefork
- missing  : analog, apache-doc, libapache2-mod{perl2,php4,python}

Is there some logic to this or is this random?
Wouldn't it be better to include some tasks more completely than all 

Joey: Do you see any problems in the "Possible exclusions" mail I sent?

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