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Bug#377486: installation-reports

reassign 377486 debian-cd
severity 377486 wishlist
retitle 377486 Adding some development packages to first CD

On Sunday 09 July 2006 13:39, Tung-Han Hsieh wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
>     Since it is quite often that the kernel and device drivers comes
> with the Linux distribution cannot support the new hardware, for
> example, in my desktop there is no support to my wireless card and my
> on-board Gigabit card, I often want to recompile the newest version
> kernel and search for the solutions to support these device in the net.
> Therefore, the necessary softwares to compile the kernel is essential
> to me.
>     Without network supporting, I decide to install Debian from the
> first CD, and hope that after recompiling kernel and accessing to the
> network, I can continue to install other softwares from the Debian
> mirror site. But I found that the libncurses-dev package is not
> available in the first CD. I need it to configure the kernel options
> via "make menuconfig". Therefore, it would be better to include the
> libncurses-dev in the first CD, and also other packages which could
> make building kernel easily.

The 1st CD is extremely full, mostly because it needs to contain the
kernel packages and all packages included in the tasks that can be
selected during the installation. The remaining space is filled based on
the popularity of packages. I would expect the packages you ask for to be
pretty high in that list.
This means you probably will just need to get the 2nd CD too.

Not sure if your request can be honored, but forwarding it to the
debian-cd team for consideration.


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