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Debian Project does not ship CDs (was: Re: Consulta desde San Juan - Argentina)

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Hello Mario,

On 03/28/2006 03:27 AM, Guia del programador wrote:
[... text in spanish ...]

> *San Juan 28 of March of 2006 *
> *Dear Friend of DEBIAN*
> *Of my consideration:  *
> *We are a vestibule dedicated to the computer science developed by
> students where we tried to foment the technology in our province.  *

	Good, best wishes for your project! :)

> *We do not have profit aims therefore we did not count with many average
> ones to carry out our work and the government does not endorse the
> initiatives that not them of some type of benefits to them.  *
> *Due to this he is that we solicitd before you or who the possibility
> that corresponds they send a certain propose amount to us by you, agreed
> to the possibilities that they have of DEBIAN in CDs, since many of us
> we are usuary Linux and we have proven this system and we want to spread
> it, for which in our presentation of the vestibule planned for day
> 14/03/06, we will make gratuitous delivery or by drawing of this
> operating system through our vestibule or in the place of the
> presentation of the vestibule.  *

	Two points:
		(a) you are planning to use it in the past, unless
		you know the same Time Engineering that is preparing
		the etch release for Dec.2005 we have a problem.

		(b) Anyway, Debian does not ship CDs, you should try
		to [1]download an ISO image or buy a [2]CD/DVD from
		some vendors that are listed at Debian website.


> *Although we know that the emission of the same one is free unloading it
> from its vestibule http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/, we wanted to know
> if you can make us us free arrive such in format of Cds or opposite case
> to let know the cost us that would have the reception of the same one.  *

	Unfortunately no, Debian Project does not ship free CDs.

> *From already very been thankful by its time and we hoped not to bother
> them and we thank for everything what they do by the users of free
> software and we encouraged them to that they continue improving the
> system as they are doing it.  *
> *WWW.GUIADELPROGRAMADOR.COM.AR* <http://www.guiadelprogramador.com.ar/>
> *Mario Albarracin*
> *CEO/Webmasters*

	Hope this helps, kind regards!

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