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Re: Etch amd64 dvds

On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 12:42:43PM +0100, linuxdvds.de wrote:
>I think something must be wrong with the etch amd64 dvds under 
>Have not tried to install with these dvds, but
>a) The dvds have a size of 8.3G whereas all other architectures have 9G - 
>b) Can't find e.g. "kdebase" or "kdebase-bin" in the jigdo-files

Hmmm. Looking in the build logs for the amd64 DVDs, I see:

+ Trying to add kdebase-bin...
libcupsys2 doesn't exist...
Can't add kdebase-bin ... dependency problem.

Which seems to be a generic problem in amd64 at the moment... :-(

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