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install etch

Hi All

I try to install etch with the fresh netinst on a Asus P5GDC "de luxe" (!) Motherboard. The first part was fine (I had problem with my on board network card so I plugged a simple Dlink one which was perfectly recognised) : two ide disks (seen as /dev/hda and /dev/hdc respectively) Raid 1 mirrored + LVM on the non boot raid array, ext3...

The only thing is : at the end of the partition process I saw a notice saying "error" about information passed to the kernel and the fact that the modifications about partitions will be ignored by the kernel untill the next reboot...I choosed to ignore and everything went well...

But when I booted from the first installation part /dev/hda was now the dvd writer/reader and the boot process aborted to a minimal busybox shell complaining that no /dev/mappper/vg00... was found...

Anyway...Changes in partitions doens't impact on the naming of hard drive devices ?

Don't know if I'm on the right list but...Can Anyone help me to understand what happened and how to make this installation come to an end ?

I would greatly appreciate any help....


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