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Build dates stated on Debian website?


Could the Debian website pages pertaining to "weekly", or similar, builds
please state the date each build was done?

Maybe it could be done by including the build date in each torrent/iso file

"Index of /cdimage/weekly-builds/i386/bt-cd
debian-testing-i386-binary-1.iso.torrent  04-Jan-2006 14:17   25K"

Suggested new file name:
"debian-testing-i386-binary-1-2005DEC11.iso.torrent  04-Jan-2006 14:17   25K"

That way it is obvious what the build date actually was,
regardless of the unrelated Debian server file system date stamp.

Furthermore, the build scripts could generate the date-specific file names
automatically. Correct?

Thank you,
Eddie Maddox <eddie@eddiemaddox.com>

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