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Source for data/*/isolinux.bin?

According to the svn log:

  r371 | manty | 2002-05-15 17:13:46 +0100 (Wed, 15 May 2002) | 5 lines
  Added a customized version of isolinux that tells the user to try cds 2-5
  or read the doc in case of an isolinux failure. Made de modifications to
  use our isolinux, maybe now we don't need to recomend syslinux :-?

Since I don't have CDs 2-5 for Ubuntu and since I wanted to use a newer
version of isolinux, I made the attached change to the version of
debian-cd we're using to make it just pull isolinux.bin out of
syslinux.deb in the mirror, the same way we handle yaboot on powerpc.
Perhaps this would be a useful thing to have in debian-cd as an option,
for people who want to have versions of isolinux with e.g. the menu
system in syslinux 3 or the graphical boot prompt available in SuSE's
syslinux patches.

However, I'd still like to have source for this modified version of
isolinux.bin; I asked on #debian-cd and nobody knew how to produce it. I
don't particularly want to be an arsehole about this, but syslinux *is*
distributed under the GPL and so the source for the modified version
really ought to be distributed along with debian-cd. Could someone
(manty?) add this to the source tree, please?


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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