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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#308719: Failed network install at "Install base system" step

Hello Nathaly,

better you send mails to <debian-user@lists.debian.org> because there
are people which can you help installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (Sarge).

Most installationproblems are $USER problems...

If you want, you can contact me privately but curently I am not in
Strasbourg (I have only a 64kBit Satelit-Link) and can not answer all
the day to messages.

Best time is 13:00 to 19:00 CET.


Am 2005-10-25 22:53:13, schrieb Nathaly Marcoux:
> Hi dudes,
> Ive heard that Linux is good and windows is bad.  But I bought a new 
> computer and all weekend I'm trying to install. The stable version is 
> not good because it doesn't recognize the ethernet.  Previous debian 
> did not recognize the SATA hardisk.  Now, using the test version it 
> doesn't install base system and there are all sorts of strange advice 
> on the internet that takes couple of days to implement if at all.
> Is that the future of Debian LINUX ?   maybe you people should first 
> make sure that the system can be installed first ????   This is a 
> nightmare, and it seems that the time I spend on installing Debian 
> could be used to work and buy 5 Microsoft windows systems.
> Think about the costumers dudes !
> No easy installation = no good .
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