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Re: Which one for Sparstation 1+ Machine

On Saturday 22 October 2005 16:56, Karl Entner wrote:
>             I have two Sparcstation 1+ using sparc 32 bit processor on
> them. I was looking in the download section for a version for my two
> workstation here and I am not sure for the sparc directory. And it does
> not mention it either. If the latest release of it has it available for
> the two systems I want to install on these two machines. Could you tell
> me off hand if they are still have it available for the Sparcstation
> 1+? It would be great to know if it will work over here. Since I want
> to get both of them working over here for myself and use an alternate
> PC and to learn on these two machines here. Can you please advise me on
> this.

The Sparc CD images are the correct ones for both sparc32 and the sparc64 

I am not sure if your system is supported or not. You may want to check 
the Release Notes [1] for this [2]. You can also try asking on the 
debian-sparc@lists.debian.org mailing list.



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