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Re: Price of Sarge CD set

Philip Charles wrote:
On Sun, 17 Jul 2005, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

On http://www.debian.org/intro/about#disbelief, we are still referring
to a 3 CD sets, as for Woody. Should we update it?

All the packages required by all the tasks are on the first three CDs
(at least for i386) so there is no need for a change

So why are we producing all these CDs? Should Debian just create three ISO images and force all users to use Internet to download what they might need?

Should we change the sentence on that page, suggesting to buy only *some* CD. In that case we will need to also publish a "content listing" for every CD, so that people may select the CD to buy.
Moreover we should convince CD vendors to accept "partial" orders.

I think the simplest, and more correct, solution is to keep providing all CDs and DVDs.

How much does a 14 CD
set costs? From what I see it seems the italian price is in range from
24 to 42 euros, with an average of 36.

Seems reasonable.  The material and direct production costs are trivial in
a commercial operation.  The big expenses are time (wages) and overheads
(rent, services etc).

This means that to be economical DVDs would have to be charged out at a
similar price.

Right, DVD set price is the same as CD set price, at least after a quick look at the vendors page. It seems the price of Debian Sarge is usually more than 35 EUR, using either DVDs or CDs.


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