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Re: CD boot

> > > Hi, can anyone tell me what kinds of images are booted from the different
> > > sarge CDs/DVDs? I'd like to update the CD FAQ.
> > 
> > On i386 all the bootable CDs boot using isolinux.

Ummm, this is not right!

Sorry for being late, I was not sure about this, so I was letting somebody
else reply, but after reading joeyh I thought I'd have a look, as I was
thinking that the second CD and DVD were 2.88 Floppy emulated traditional

Well, after looking now at the second CD, it is not isolinux, it is a floppy
emulated syslinux boot, it has a /boot directory with its 2.88
debian-installer image and all, in fact, it is recogniced as a boot cd with
a floppy emulated 2.88 image, the only problem is that the debian-installer
image on it won't boot, but it is passed control and its mbr will say "Boot

I don't know what happened with that image, it has the required ldlinux.sys
on it, syslinux conf, a kernel, an initrd and all the help files, but it
won't boot.

I suppose this can be fixed for R1, can't it?

> Thanks for the info! So do all bootable CDs boot exactly the same
> code/kernels? In that case, I guess I'll just remove the information at
> <http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#bootable>.

Well, I suppose that after saying this... maybe removal of all that is not
the best option, I suppose at least a note about this failure should be
written, shouldn't it?

BTW: I have not looked at the second DVD, as I'm in a real hurry right now,
if somebody else can look at that, I suppose it will work exactly as the
second CD, thus failing to boot, but if somebody can confirm it, then we'd
be sure.

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