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suggestion: MD5sum link on CD FAQ & netinst webpages

This issue came up a few moments ago on #debian-user IRC.

The CD FAQ page has a section on verifying CD images, but doesn't link
to the actual MD5sum file.  Links from the Network Install page are to
specific ISO images an not the download directory.  This is causing
confusion for people looking for an MD5SUMs file.


Suggestion:  add an explicit link to the MD5SUMS and MD5SUMS.sign files
on both of these pages:

For the FAQ, I would suggest making the word "MD5SUMS" a link, in the
following sentence, and adding the sentence "Verify the md5sums with the
[link: MD5SUMS.sign] file."  immediately following.

    To ensure that the images were not only downloaded correctly, but
    are indeed official images, you also have to verify the GnuPG
    signature on the [link: MD5SUMS] files using the Debian GPG keyring.
    CD vendors are encouraged to do this.


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