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Re: jigdo questions

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 12:32:50PM +0100, HardStyle wrote:
> my jigdo says it's finished, but there are still some files left in the 
> tmpdir, is this ok?

>From what you write below, I don't think jigdo really printed out a message
saying that the image was successfully generated.

> than i've removed the .tmp from the dvdfile and ive ran the checksum with
> md5summer, but that says its doesnt match the md5sum :( what should i do?

If you had to rename the .iso.tmp file to an .iso file, then jigdo was not 
done with it. Maybe jigdo was interrupted for some reason, e.g. your DSL 
line was dropped? Just restart it, it should retry downloading things until 
it is done.



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