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Re: debian-cd and amd64/pure64 images?

On Friday 04 March 2005 11:28, Jan Kesten wrote:
> Hello, Goswin and others,
> >> try to build - anything that I must taken care of? Of course, since
> >> amd64/prure64 is seperate I need to change paths to mirror
> >> directory. Anything else?
> >
> > Please send success or failure reports to debian-amd64. I don't think
> > anyone tried building a CD/DVD set in a long while.
> How I found some time to have some tests :-) Seems to work quite good,
> but before I could start, I had to add amd64 to tools/grab_md5 (which
> doesn't know about amd64).
> Then while building images, there was a corrupted file
> (gap-small-groups_4r4p4-1_all.deb) and generating fast_sums noticed
> something about too many symlink levels - this is quite interesting,
> that in both cases there is sarge mentioned, but I tried building images
> for sid :-)
> Unfortunately my own amd64 test system is currently not available to me
> - so now I have images, but no way to test them. If anyone likes to do
> so, I can make jigdo templates public for them. If they work, I can
> leave them online for anyone who likes to have them :-)

I would like to mirror these images and jigdo file. 
May I have preferably rsync or ftp url ?

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