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Re: Providing DVD image on P2P networks

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Philippe Mignard wrote:


Why don't you put the DVD iso file on the eDonkey network (as you do for Bittorrent), and put an ED2K link on you web pages? It will be easier do download it, as jigdo is very very slow... It will discharge your servers.

Probably because I don't know what eDonkey is. I know bittorrent as a p2p http server offloader, which makes sense for the release rush.

Is there a good "eDonkey" server software around, or how else should one "put them on the eDonkey network"?

Note that currently, your best bet for fast iso download would be plain http download. Right now the ftp.se.debian.org mirror has about 30-40MByte/s in effective spare capacity. This might be different during release though.

Oh, and regarding DVD iso, those aren't around because of space constraints on cdimage.debian.org and mirrors. This means they can't be published in any p2p setting either, but are only available as jigdos.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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