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Re: ia64 and empty /install? [argh!]

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

> For what I saw at first glance, /install isn't meant to have any
> content on ia64, it boots of /boot/boot.img which should be there.
> Aren't the netinst cds for ia64 that you downloaded bootable


I downloaded these images for somebody I know (has a nice computer farm
including sparc, m68k, hppa and i386). Now he asked for ia64 cds and so
I burned them for him - but after he wrote that both builded cd from
debian-cd and netinst don't work, but i386 does I asked what cpu this
computer has - an Athlon 64... Gnah :-)

So since I havn't mirrored debian-amd64 I can't try if such images would
work (but I guess they will..)

Cheers and thanks for your quick response,

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