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Re: Need to modify a netinstall iso to add one directory

This may be completely unrelated, but I've had problems burning CDs recently with ISOs and this article really helped and explained a lot:



On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 04:34:47 -0800
Benton Lam <calyth2004@shaw.ca> wrote:

> I've tried to recreate the iso image using mkisofs after adding the 
> directory, and used the instruction for isolinux. The CD can boot, but 
> then the installer complains that the cd is a non-debian cdrom.
> I need to do this because I'm helping out a linux demo at school where 
> we want to give them a cd that has a debian netinstall and cygwin, in 
> case they still have cold feet from trying to install Linux.
> Please suggest a solution as soon as you can. I'll need to create this 
> image as soon as I can and burn about 50 of them by Friday.
> Thanks in advance!
> Benton Lam
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